Re-Imagine Dingle Peninsula

New Dialogues + Connections

Systems + Resilience


What can happen when people from different sectors start inventing new possibilities for their future?

Participants living in the Dingle Peninsula collaborated in a virtual workshop, initiated by the Dingle Creativity & Innovation Hub and led by Imagination of Things. The ideas and insights explored are divided here in three categories: New Connections, Systems & Resilience, and Knowledge.

The remote workshop used digital tools to facilitate community-driven innovation, co-creation, and radical imagination. The capacity to create, evolve, and experience things or situations that don’t yet exist is the crucial factor in seizing and creating new opportunities and finding new paths to growth. It’s time to reinvigorate the old and make new traditions.

How can we infuse the rich heritage of Dingle with innovative possibilities for living in a world in deep distress?

Re-Imagine Dingle Peninsula
June 22, 2020

Dingle Invention Generator

Our playful idea generator, infused by the vocabulary of the workshop participants.

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New Dialogues & Connections

What could be the new role for the Peninsula to establish new meaningful dialogues with other regions?

Exploring the connections that the region can establish with visitors, external stakeholders, and potential partners.

Playground for Discoveries

How can we connect and articulate different features of the region as a creative trail that can facilitate brave minds in their endeavours for ideas and change? It’s an opportunity to translate the environment, local culture, and heritage into an event-based sandbox: where wild ideas can come to life. We are not designed for boredom. 

Open calls & Long stays
How can we put together themes and resources to attract long-stay visitors that can bring talent and capabilities that are valuable to the region? They can receive incentives to visit through open calls and culture exchange programs.  A series of initiatives that can disrupt tourism seasonality and bring fresh perspectives to the region.

I Am of Dingle

The idea behind what is the European Union started almost 500 years ago in Dingle. It gives us a perspective beyond current politics. How can we create a branding platform for the Dingle Peninsula embedded with that heritage?The Treaty of Dingle from 1529 sets an opportunity to explore the influence and diaspora of the Irish culture unique to the Peninsula. By activating the path up to 2029 with shared stories and cultural initiatives, this is a fresh new take on heritage and identity to foster new connections. We are of Dingle.

Dingle Foreign Affairs
Regional diplomacy to put forward the strategic priorities from the Dingle Peninsula. What type of initiatives could a community-led institution foster in the interaction with the rest of Ireland, with the EU, and with other regions with shared interests? How to develop a regional identity through proactive interaction with our planet?

Systems & Resilience

Proposing systems to build local resilience.

Rural resilience is a collective ability to adapt and transform: not only in the face of disruption and uncertainty but to permanently evaluate its priorities and devote resources to accomplish its endeavors.
Although structural investments tend to follow bureaucratic processes, the approach of community-driven proposals – instead of top-down solutions – can shine a light in new pathways to achieve them. It can range from crowdfunding to local movements to activate the right stakeholders.

Dingle Mobility System

This concept is a sustainable transport system to tackle growing traffic issues. A multi-purpose center for transport and parking, reducing congestion and the number of vehicles in the towns. It opens up travel options for visitors and locals alike, enabling access to different parts of the Peninsula. It also incentives new local businesses to establish this mobility hub.

Culture on Wheels
It is inspired by initiatives and examples around the world (From Google science bus to food trucks), a network of mobile initiatives that can connect the region and decentralize cultural programs. The Mobile Creativity Hub with workshops or Library & Reading Bus are examples to unlock possibilities.

New Mould: Social Living Concept

Inspired by Croke Park and its symbolic aspect of community gathering, this living concept is a crisscross of generations, a space to balance the isolation that can be present in the region. By mixing communal areas, cultural activities, and housing, this represents an experiment to strengthen community ties. In this interdependence model, independent living units blend with social dynamics and spaces to foster interaction. 

Tangible resilience
A series of Initiatives could build up momentum for more structural changes or activate the social aspect of the region’s resilience. What if a Dingle currency could be established, and what could be its economic incentives and local strategies? What if a virtual Dingle could mirror the Peninsula and encourage its community efforts through digital transformation and simulate priorities like reducing carbon footprint?

Sensory Gardens

It’s time for the Dingle Peninsula to come to its senses. These gardens are purposefully designed experiences to connect with taste, touch, sound, scent, and sight. Following some guidelines, incentives, and framework, these gardens can be established by different communities across the Peninsula, highlighting the uniqueness of each area in relation to the senses. A space for community storytelling using the most precious elements that make the Dingle Peninsula what it is. This initiative would start with a pop-up in the Annascaul to share its vision, gather community support, and connect stakeholders.


Investing in the Peninsula’s ability to develop,  attract, and empower talent within the strategic themes defined as priorities by the community.

Investing in the Peninsula’s ability to develop,  attract, and empower talent within the strategic themes defined as priorities by the community.

Dingle Energy Academy

Innovation around sustainability and energy is a key strategic topic for the region. Inspired by initiatives like the Energi Akadamiet in Samsoe (Denmark), the Energy Academy is a concept to boost the green transition in the region, turning the Peninsula into an energy open lab. Beyond potential physical facilities, the start of this initiative is about connecting local and external stakeholders (Universities, research labs, companies, etc), creating a platform (conferences, training, temporary labs, open calls, commissioned projects) that puts the Dingle Peninsula as a reference and inspiration on renewable energy.

Educate from Dingle

A network to activate online higher education in the Peninsula. The concept relies on two key premises: 1) To establish an ecosystem for online & remote education - connecting educational institutions,  government, landlords, and students. 2) To develop educational programs (in partnership with institutions) that can be pursued online from the Dingle Peninsula, where the location can enhance the experience. Connecting the dots to make knowledge accessible and spark social impact.

Dingle Arts Academy
The Arts & Creative sector has been an important part of the Peninsula, so let’s start with a platform to support, incentivize, and be a beacon for talent development in the creative & cultural area. 

Let's Re-imagine the Dingle Peninsula together.

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