In May 2020, the Dingle Innovation and Creativity Hub was awarded €220,000 to run a Sustainable Innovation Pilot (SIP), Precision Farming on Rural Farms, as part of the 3-year Ploutos project (2020-2023). This will build on and develop the work carried out in the Farm Ambassador Pilot Programme and will facilitate the roll-out of the IoT Farm Ambassador sensors to an additional 30 farms on the peninsula.

The Ploutos project aims to help re-balance the agri-food value chain and enhance its sustainability by establishing a Sustainable Innovation Framework, powered by the combination of behaviour innovation, collaborative business model innovation and data driven technological services.

Eleven Sustainable Innovation Pilots have been chosen across Europe:

  • The Support of a Frozen Fruit Value Chain Consisting of Small Farmers – Greece
  • Better food-chain contracts for improved durum wheat production – Italy
  • Empowering consumers through crowdsourcing to regain control over their food and create healthy, sustainable, fair-trade product – France
  • Traceability solutions covering the Horticulture Greenhouse Value Chain to improve overall efficiency, sustainability performance and brand recognition – Spain
  • Precision Farming on rural farms demonstrating its benefit in the wider agri-food community and co-creating new food products and services – Ireland
  • Applying soil-passport approach and precision farming technologies in Slovenia to increase soil health and sustainability as a whole – Slovenia
  • Supporting wine producers in taking advantage of the changes in labelling regulations – Cyprus
  • Carbon Farming: compensating farmers for climate friendly management – Netherlands
  • Facilitating the transfer of surplus food from farms to socially disadvantaged group by aligning logistics and processes – Macedonia
  • Increase sustainability in the grapevine sector by introducing payments for ecosystem services – Italy
  • Introduction of IoT solutions through NADIA platform to the agri-food sector and generate synergies between tourism and agriculture – Balearic Islands, Spain

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Ploutos received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 Programme