Our Sustainable Innovation Pilot will support and enable co-created, innovative solutions to address climate change and support the financial viability of farms in West Kerry.

Project Objectives

  • Roll-out sensor technologies to an additional 30 farms on the Peninsula to support grassland management to extend the grazing season
  • Encourage new collaborations and enterprises across the value chain between farmers, technology designers, data analysts, food/service entrepreneurs and consumers
  • Greater carbon efficiencies on farms. For every 10-day extension in grazing season there is a 1.7% decrease in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Increased profitability on farms as well as new income streams from higher value products. for every 10-day extension in grazing season, profit is increased by 27 Euro per dairy cow
  • Work with 33 consortium partners through the Ploutos Innovation Academy

The data from the sensors will provide scientific evidence of emissions savings and will add value to a range of products and services, e.g.

(i) using good environmental parameters in marketing goods from the area;

(ii) using localised ‘real-time’ weather data to tailor tourist packages optimised for changing weather conditions;

(iii)  building a brand for the Dingle Peninsula to secure the region as a destination of choice, supported by data proving low food miles and low carbon footprint. 

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