Energy Master Plan

for the Dingle Peninsula

The SEC’s first project was to create an Energy Master Plan (EMP). The EMP was completed with the help of MaREI researchers and energy consultants. These specialists have determined how much energy is currently being used on the peninsula. With this data, they have created a roadmap guiding us towards a more sustainable future on the peninsula. 

Currently, the peninsula has a yearly total energy demand of 310 GWh, costing us €37 million. If implemented correctly, the EMP will reduce the yearly demand to 224 GWh, saving €8 million. 70GWh of this demand could be met using energy from local renewable resources. Following the EMP should also allow for the creation of new skill and employment opportunities on the peninsula. 

The Energy Master Plan

Dingle Peninsula Energy in the news

Dinny Galvin on Agritime 25.06.2020

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