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The Road to COP26

On 1st of November 2021 representatives of Corca Dhuibhne/ Dingle Peninsula 2030 set off on a journey north
to Glasgow for COP26. With the support of the ESBN Dingle Project, they set off hoping to learn more about the
benefits and challenges of travelling over 700 km in an electric vehicle. Alongside this, the trip acted as an
opportunity to learn more about other bottom-up sustainability initiatives which could inspire further work
and build networks moving forward. At COP26, the group participated in a side event, highlighting the roll of collaborative sustainability initiatives in meeting the challenges posed by climate change. It also was an opportunity for the group to meet with Irish Government officials to share learnings from Dingle Peninsula 2030, and inform the Taoiseach of local bottom-up action in light of the global multi-lateral deliberations.

Our total journey by Electric Vehicle and Ferry was 1560km with 75 % of charging in Ireland and 25% in Scotland.
This equates to a total of 40 kg per person including the ferry journey (120kg for our three-person team). Flying to
Glasgow and home would have equated to 160kg per person, 480kg for the team. The EV journey resulted in
approximately 75% less emissions than flying. With relation to public transport alternatives, using the ferry, buses
and trains would have resulted in approximately 80kg per person,
totalling 240kg for the whole team. This is double the emission
generated from the EV journey. However, if travelling alone,
public transport would be a more favourable approach
with relation to limiting Co2 Emissions.